LP Mercyful Fate: Welcome To The House Of Satan - Bootleg

Sound quality: soundboard

Nahráno v Holandsku, 25.6.1983 Aardshok Festival, Den Bosch. Stejná nahrávka jako SP 7"  Aardshok Fest a LP Crush The Cross. vydáno 2014, bílý vinyl.

Koupeno v Anglii.

LP Bootleg 2014, White vinyl. Recorded 25.6.1983 Aardshok Festival, Den Bosch Netherlands. Same Bootleg Than SP 7"  Aardshok Fest and LP Crush The Cross. Purchased in UK.


A1  Corpse Without Soul      

A2  Doomed By The Living Dead      

A3  Black Masses      

A4  At The Sound Of The Demon Bell      

B1  Into The Coven      

B2  The Oath      

B3  Curse Of The Pharaohs      

B4  Evil      

B5  Nuns Have No Fun