2LP Mercyful Fate: First American Sabbath - Bootleg

Sound quality: audience

2013 bootleg prvního koncertu na Americkém turné, audience nahrávka z 20.10.1984 v Portlandu, barevný vinyl: průhledný, limited edition 200ks.

Koupeno v USA

2013 bootleg, audience recording,  clear vinyls, limited edition 200pcs.

First American Gig, live in Portland (Oregon), USA on 20th October 1984.

Purchased in USA


A1: The Oath

A2: Doomed By The Living Dead

A3: Curse Of The Pharaohs

B1: Come To The Sabbath

B2: Satans Fall

C1: Dangerous Meeting

C2: Welcome Princess Of Hell

C3: Nightmare

D1: Into The Coven

D2: Gypsy

D3: Evil

D4: Guitar Jam

D5: Nuns Have No Fun