2 picture  Live At Vampire Theater - Bootleg  

Sound quality: audience

Velmi raritní 2 x picture discs, vydáno 1998, limited edition 150 kusů!

Slabší audience nahrávka, záznam koncertu (concert) 24.1.1998, Sao Paulo, Brazílie, Vampire Theatre.

Koupeno v Itálii.

Very rare 2x picture discs, 1998, limited edition 150pcs, Brazil.

Only Good audience recording, purchased in Italy 


A1: Intro - The Oath

A2: Evil

A3: Doomed by the Living Dead

A4: The Bell Witch

B1: The Uninvited Guest

B2: Desecration Of Souls

B3: Legend Of The Headless Rider

C1: A Dangerous Meeting

C2: Guitar solo

C3: Come To The Sabbath (cut)

D1: Satan´s Fall

D2: Black Funeral